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Tiny Cars 1.1
Race tiny cars in this game that gives users a top-down view of the action.
OS: Windows (all)
File Size: 8.42MB
License: Free to try, $15 to buy
71% Thumbs up
66 votes
180,304    Download now

Grand Touring Cars 007 beta
Be ruthless and break the rules to win in this stunt-oriented racing sim.
OS: Windows 95
File Size: 9.39MB
License: Free to try
56% Thumbs up
16 votes
52,996    Download now

Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit pop pick
Race cars in many modes, including police vs. speeder.
OS: Windows 95/98
File Size: 16.58MB
License: Free to try
90% Thumbs up
1,295 votes
1,044,524    Download now

Test Drive 4 1.0
Take a trip on the wild side in a fancy set of wheels in this racing sim.
OS: Windows 95
File Size: 12.58MB
License: Free to try
70% Thumbs up
84 votes
354,196    Download now

Need for Speed II: SE 3Dfx
Take a Ferrari 355 F1 for a spin in this special edition demo.
OS: Windows 3.x
File Size: 6.36MB
License: Free to try
87% Thumbs up
76 votes
170,607    Download now

Gearhead Garage 1.0 pop
Car lovers: Repair and customize late-model cars and trucks.
OS: Windows 95/98
File Size: 11.3MB
License: Free to try
95% Thumbs up
281 votes
145,200    Download now

Stunt GP Demo pick
Enter a world of high-speed radio-controlled stunt cars.
OS: Windows 95/98/Me
File Size: 15.47MB
License: Free to try
82% Thumbs up
148 votes
106,429    Download now

CarThief 2.0 pop
Steal stylish cars to collect points and get out of business before you're caught or killed.
OS: Windows (all)
File Size: 3.61MB
License: Free to try, $15 to buy
64% Thumbs up
70 votes
104,840    Download now

Colin McRae Rally Demo
Put the pedal to the metal with this rally racing simulation featuring Colin McRae.
OS: Windows 95/98
File Size: 32.7MB
License: Free to try
90% Thumbs up
107 votes
101,033    Download now

3D DesertRun 1.2
Race around the desert avoiding deadly hover cars hot on your tail.
OS: Windows 95/98/Me
File Size: 344.97K
License: Free
53% Thumbs up
87 votes
100,039    Download now

TC Car War
Do battle in an armored car.
OS: Windows 3.x
File Size: 157K
License: Free to try
37% Thumbs up
51 votes
98,677    Download now

Speed Busters: American Highways
Race all kinds of cars on lots of tracks.
OS: Windows 95/98
File Size: 29.11MB
License: Free to try
81% Thumbs up
42 votes
92,366    Download now

Beer Truck 1.0
Drive the beer truck over the road, avoiding the cars and cops.
OS: Windows (all)
File Size: 1.02MB
License: Free
74% Thumbs up
62 votes
87,601    Download now

Dirt Track Racing .50
Get in your Dirt Late Model and race the fastest cars around.
OS: Windows 95/98
File Size: 8.98MB
License: Free to try, $20 to buy
91% Thumbs up
150 votes
79,147    Download now

Need For Speed III Auto-patcher pop
Automatically keep your version of this game up-to-date.
OS: Windows 95/98
File Size: 1.84MB
License: Free
91% Thumbs up
106 votes
78,321    Download now

Emergency: Fighters for Life
Save people from various scenarios of mayhem and chaos.
OS: Windows 95/NT
File Size: 16.13MB
License: Free to try
94% Thumbs up
131 votes
77,326    Download now

TOCA: Touring Car Championship
Rev your engines and race in the British Touring Car Championship.
OS: Windows 95
File Size: 8.17MB
License: Free to try
90% Thumbs up
39 votes
56,924    Download now

RallyCross 0.72
Race small cars with three friends.
OS: Windows 95/98/NT
File Size: 892K
License: Free
53% Thumbs up
45 votes
55,529    Download now

The Dragonfly 1.0
Get as many dragonflies accross the street to their pond without getting hit by cars or trucks.
OS: Windows 95/98/Me/XP/2000
File Size: 1.92K
License: Free
36% Thumbs up
11 votes
23,520    Download now

Racer 1.1
Take part in car races.
OS: Windows (all)
File Size: 14.5MB
License: Free
50% Thumbs up
8 votes
22,569    Download now

Tanaka 1.02
Race through space and complete your missions in this fast-paced 3D game.
OS: Windows 95/98
File Size: 13.65MB
License: Free to try
89% Thumbs up
19 votes
22,443    Download now

Car Dealer 2.5 pop
Compete with online users in buying and selling cars.
OS: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP
File Size: 9.57MB
License: Free to try, $25 to buy
19,148    Download now

CART: Precision Racing Track Editor
Make your own tracks for CART Precision Racing.
OS: Windows 3.x
File Size: 767K
License: Free
82% Thumbs up
11 votes
15,790    Download now

T.T.T. (Thrust Twist N Turn)
Race other cars on insanely impossible race tracks.
OS: Windows 95/98
File Size: 21.3MB
License: Free to try
73% Thumbs up
15 votes
15,141    Download now

Traffic Jam 1.0
Help the red car escape a traffic jam.
OS: Windows (all)
File Size: 643K

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