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If you want to make money as a musician and you're not signed to a record contract, you need to be playing clubs to get your sound out there. Plus, there's nothing like an audience to hone your skills. Unfortunately, audiences (especially paying ones) are not so easy to come by.

Find out how to get started in the club circuit.

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"The Matrix Reloaded" or "X2"?
"The Matrix Reloaded," obviously
"X2", obviously
I liked them about the same.
I've only seen "X2."
I've only seen "The Matrix Reloaded."
I haven't seen either one.

The previous question was: If a cashier gives you too much change, you...
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In what year was the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences formed?

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Most of us have heard of it, many of us participate in it and lots of us have no idea what it really is. The 401(k) makes saving for the golden years a lot easier than it used to be. Find out what a 401(k) plan can do for you.


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An estimated 29 million Americans travel to New York each year. The museums, restaurants, clubs, and endless shopping opportunities are a big draw. Find out why so many folks want a bite of the "Big Apple."


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Have you ever had a dream that came true? Or called a friend at the exact moment he was calling you? Most of us have had some sort of paranormal experience. Check out the evidence for and against the existence of ESP.


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