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Want to be a Go-PedŽ Dealer?
Patmont Motor Werks is now accepting new Go-PedŽ dealers across the globe! Don't be left behind!
News, Events, Press Room
Up-to-minute Go-Ped News, Events, Press Releases and Hi-Res Photos.
2003 Product Line
17 different models ranging from personal transportation use to extreme sports
Buy Go-Ped Scooters and Parts directly from the manufacturer
Find a Dealer
Find driving directions and local Authorized Go-Ped Dealers selling Go-Peds and Parts
Customer Service
FAQs, User Manuals, Downloads, and Videos
Full Color Online Catalog of Go-Ped Apparel, Jewelry, and Parts
Scooting Safety
A Guide to Safe Scooting
Employee / Dealer Page
Go-Ped Employee and Dealer News
Contacts / Links
Go-Ped Contacts and Internet Links
About Us
The American Dream

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