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Beginning in 1985 with a prototype for a new motorized personal transport device Steve Patmont launched Patmont Motor Werks, creators of the Go-Ped ®, the original motorized scooter, in his garage. He began by building Go-Ped ® only for friends and family that just had to have one, and it blossomed from there.

Knowing the market opportunities were endless for his fun, carefree design, Steve secured a patent and began shopping his invention around to purveyors of yachts and personal aircraft as a light, portable alternative transportation device to extend owners transportation choices on land.

Today Go-Ped ® is the market leader in motorized scooter sales, and is an established brand among extreme sports enthusiasts. Go-Ped ® are also growing in popularity as an alternative transport vehicle for city dwellers with short or disconnected commutes.

Patmont Motor Werks is a 100+ employee, family owned and operated California company that has crafted a full range of personal transport devices, including motorized, electric and self-powered scooters. Go-Ped ® has also extended its brand to include Go-Gear apparel, accessories and jewelry, while maintaining its commitment to creating products inspired and designed to capture the fun, free and trend-setting spirit that is the very essence of the individualistic lifestyle.

Patmont Motor Werks is headquartered in Livermore, California and has crafting facilities in Livermore and Bunbeg, Ireland.


Extreme-Scooters offers the following Go-Ped ® Motorized Scooters:

  • X-Ped®  - The extreme Go-Pedding machine
  • Bigfoot® - The off-road Go-Ped ®
  • Go-Quad® - The four-wheeled fun cart 
  • Geo-Sport - Lighter, faster and easier on the environment. The Geo-Sport® is the environmentally friendly version of the original Sport.
  • Super Bigfoot® - Designed for extreme competition and off-road dirt jumps, the Super Bigfoot is ideal for riders who want to hit the dirt instead of the pavement.
  • Super X-Ped® - Built for extreme competition, the Super X-Ped® is an upgraded version of the X-Ped®. The new motor puts out 2.5 horse-power and can be tuned to reach up to 5 horse-power.


For PHONE  ORDERS only, call 419-423-6341.

call 478-987-8509 or email DaveBrgmn@aol.com

We accept all major credit cards.

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"GoPed ® is a federally registered trademark of Patmont Motor Werks. All Rights Reserved."

GETaPED Racing

2003 Go-Ped® National Scootercross Series


Rialto, California


Treasure Island (SF), California


11th Annual Go-Ped® Scootercross National Championships
Treasure Island (SF), California


Go-Ped® Scootercross World Finals
Las Vegas @ Sunset Station Hotel & Casino

2003 IGPA Sanctioned Regional Scootercross Races (Does not effect National Points)


Round 2 - 2003 US Grand National Scootercross® Championships- Waterford, Michigan


Rocky Mountain Region, Aurora, CO


Rocky Mountain Region, Lakewood, CO


K-Mart, 3901 Holland Road, Virginia Beach, VA


Round 3 - 2003 US Grand National Scootercross Championships- Nashville, Tennessee


Rocky Mountain Region, Thornton, CO


Rocky Mountain Region, Thornton, CO

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Liquimatic Torque Convertor 


Sport, Bigfoot, Liquimatic, Go Quad  


 Pre 1995 Go-peds

G23 Engine Parts G2D Engine Parts

Geo Sport, Geo Bigfoot, Geo X, S-25

GSR 40, GSR 40 TSI

             Super X, Super Bigfoot, Super Go Quad

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